When purchasing a shower room, check whether the glass is a safety glass certified by the national 3C tempering, and whether it is automotive-grade high-strength glass with strong permeability and no tempering heat lines.
The glass used in the shower room is usually tempered glass processed by physical methods. The glass is heated to a certain temperature and then cooled suddenly. The tempered glass changes the crystal structure of the glass part, improves the surface hardness, and improves the resistance of the glass. The impact and bending strength are more than ten times higher than that of ordinary glass. The safety of 1000 degree high temperature tempered glass and 3000 degree high temperature tempered glass is very different. When the low temperature tempered glass is broken, the particles are large and the sharp angles are easy to hurt; the high temperature tempered glass is small and smooth without sharp angles when it is broken. Not easy to hurt your hands.
Generally, as long as the tempered glass that has passed the 3C national tempering certification does not have quality problems, the probability of self-explosion in the shower room is minimal. Under the influence of external factors, such as uneven force and hard objects when the glass is installed, the tempered glass will have a certain spontaneous explosion rate when it is directly pressed against the surface of the glass. But this can be prevented, as long as you pay attention to the following:
First, ensure the smooth running track of the pulley, add some lubricating oil or peanut oil when the sliding is not smooth;
2. When the pulley of the track shower room is loose or falling off, seek maintenance personnel to adjust in time to ensure that the pulley can effectively load the movable door, and then use a paper towel to moisten peanut oil to clean the foreign matter in the track to ensure smooth sliding; avoid forceful impact on the movable door , So as not to cause the movable door to fall off;
Third, do not hit the glass with sharp or hard objects, especially the four sides and corners.